Category: Feature Updates

Introducing Student Import: Assign, Enroll, and Notify all at once with Ease!

Introducing the highly anticipated Import Students feature in EzyCourse! Get ready to streamline your student onboarding process.

Accessing Student Import

To import your students, click on “All users" from the left menu sidebar to reveal the “Students” option, clicking on which will open the students listing page from where you’ll see the “Import students” button. 

Uploading CSV File

On clicking “Import students”, you will be directed to the import students page. Here, you can upload your CSV file containing your existing student data. A sample CSV file is provided for you to download and review the data format to map your fields with. While importing, you can assign students the courses and communities they'll have access to. You can add students to multiple courses and communities simultaneously, maximizing enrollment efficiency. Our system automatically adds them, saving you time and effort.

Reviewing and Sending Welcome Emails with Login Credentials

Once you have uploaded your CSV file, the system will display your selected courses and other associated products for you to review. You also have the option to send login credentials to students via email. You won’t worry about creating passwords for your students. EzyCourse generates random passwords to ensure secure account access. The email will include their email, unique password, and your website URL. This ensures that your imported students receive their login credentials and access to the assigned products.