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Introducing Site-Wide Instant Search Engine Add-on!

In addition to basic search, you can now search everything from blogs to communities, courses to audio/video libraries, all from one central place.

Introducing EzyCourse site-wide search engine add-on which is going to revolutionize how search works on your site.

See how the keywords get highlighted on the live search results.

The search engine add-on will show on your dashboard’s menu under My Add-on section, once you subscribe to it from the Add-ons page. Toggle the switch button Show search bar to show the search icon on your site’s header menu.

To get started click on the Create index button. Once index has been created, all the newly added contents on your site will get automatically indexed. But, you have to manually index the previously existing contents.

Suppose you want to index the existing courses of your site. Then click on the Index courses button on the Index all published courses card. And that's it! Now your site has all its courses indexed, so users will be able to search for courses easily. Similarly you can index all other products.

Note: For indexing your site pages, make sure you add all the SEO information first which is accessed from All site pages -> Edit (the page you want to index) -> SEO.

The page search results show up data from the SEO meta information, so for your pages to be correctly indexed, you need to add them first. below is a screenshot of the page search result.

If for any reason you wish to reset everything then please kindly contact our support team at your convenience.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the add-on now and lock the offer price for lifetime, and make life easier for your users.

Buy monthly for $17/month : Buy Now

Buy Yearly for $165/year : Buy Now

👀Sneak peak to what’s coming up: Advanced statistics featuring user’s search history and volume.

Happy searching!😃