Category: Feature Updates

Introducing Sellable Blogs and Exclusive Blog Memberships!

We are pleased to announce that we have added pricing and membership features on the blogs module. With this update, you now have the option to select the pricing type for your blogs this price will be explicitly set for that particular blog. You can either offer them for free or add a price to them. Additionally, we have introduced a featured membership on the blog, which includes both one-time membership pricing and subscription pricing options. Subscribing to the blog membership allows users to explore and access all blogs available.

Add Pricing on the Blog

To add pricing to your blog, select the "Premium" option.

Proceed to add the desired price in the designated field, along with specifying the membership duration. You can now include pricing details exclusively for this specific blog.

Blog Membership 

With memberships, you can allow users to access all your blogs at once.

Our latest update of blog membership pricing provides two choices: a one-time membership and a subscription based membership, allowing you to cater to your audience's preferences with greater flexibility.

Premium Blog View 

Prior to purchase or membership subscriptions, your readers will experience an alluring veil of mystery as the blog content remains securely locked as shown in the screenshot attached below: