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Introducing Pre-Sell: Sell Your Courses Before They're Live!

We've rolled out a dynamic feature that will transform the way you offer your courses – Pre-Sell! With Pre-Sell, you can now take pre-orders for your courses, giving you a head start on earnings and building anticipation among your audience. Let's dive into how it works and how you can benefit from it.

What is Pre-Sell?

Pre-Sell is a game-changer that allows you to:

  • Boost Revenue: Start earning from your course before it's even available to your students.

  • Build Hype: Generate buzz and excitement among your audience by offering early access through pre-orders.

  • Engage Your Community: Create a sense of anticipation and loyalty by involving your students in the course creation process.

How to Enable Pre-Sell? 

  1. Access Course Settings: Go to your Course list, click on "Edit," and move to the "Course Settings" tab.

  1. Course Accessibility: Under "Course Accessibility," you'll find the "Pre-Sell" settings.

  1. Turn it On: Toggle the switch to enable Pre-Sell and select your course's launch date.

  1. Choose When to Charge: Upon enabling Pre-Sell, users can decide whether to be charged immediately upon enrollment or at a later time.

Important Note: Before enabling Pre-Sell, make sure to set up your Stripe payment gateway and create one or multiple premium prices.

You have the flexibility to manually charge users from the "All Preorders" list under sales if needed.

Once enabled, your course cards will prominently display "Pre-Sell," and on the course landing page, a message beside the course title will announce that you are now accepting pre-orders.

Students will see clear information on the checkout page, indicating when they will be charged, ensuring a seamless experience.

And after checkout on their dashboard they will see coming soon, untill you set the course as available.

Promote your pre-order opportunity and build excitement within your community!