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Create Email Automation for Form Contacts

How to Send Automated Email Sequence for Form Submissions

You can easily target the contacts/respondents of any specific form on your website. In other words, you have the luxury of sending automated emails to individuals who submit a particular form on your site.

To do that, login to your EzyCourse dashboard and go to Marketing & Contacts -> Email automation and sequence -> and click the Create automation button on the top right corner of your screen.

On the popup, give your automation a name, write the subject of the email, and then choose the trigger field to be “Someone submit a form” from the dropdown option.

Then select the form which you want to use to target the users who fillup and submit it. 

[Note: You can only create one automation for one particular form. You cannot select the same form in multiple automations.]

You can also set whether to trigger the email automation immediately when a user submits the form or define a later time. For the later option, you can set the time in minutes, hours, or in days.

Click the Create automation button to add the automation. After creating, you can add email sequences which will be sent automatically to anyone who submits the selected form. In addition, you can even add exit code to stop any unnecessary emails going through to your target audience.