Category: Feature Updates

Channel Sorting for EzyCourse Communities!

We're excited to introduce a highly requested feature that will bring more control and organization to your EzyCourse communities – Channel Sorting! We've listened to your feedback, and we're thrilled to roll out this new capability to enhance your community management experience.

Managing your community channels has never been easier. With our new Channel Sorting feature, you now have the power to arrange channels in any order they prefer. No more navigating through a fixed list – you can customize it to match your community's unique needs.

How It Works:

Access the Sort Channels Button: Just above your Channels list, you'll find the "Sort Channels" button. Click it to initiate the sorting process.

Drag and Drop: Rearrange your channels by simply dragging and dropping them into your desired order. Want "COMMUNITY RULES" at the top? No problem.

Save Changes: Once you've organized your channels the way you want them, click the "Save Changes" button, and voilà! Your channel order will be updated for your entire community to see.

Whether you're prioritizing community rules, highlighting important channels, or streamlining access to frequently used areas, Channel Sorting empowers you to take control of your community's structure.